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8th International Conference on Recent Trends in Electrical Engineering (RTEE 2022)

March 26~27, 2022, Sydney, Australia

Accepted Papers
Consolidating Electromagnetic Waves from Separate Sources

Moshe Segal


The author of this article published several articles [1], [2], [3], which argue that Electromagnetic (EM) waves from different sources can and do consolidate, contrary to the acceptable notion presented in an article [4] that EM waves from separate sources cannot consolidate.This article adds further support to the statement that EM waves from separate sources can consolidate, support that everybody can experience, from everyday experience, which can also be recorded on photos. However, as described in articles [1], [2], [3], if EM waves from separate sources do consolidate, this causes paradoxes, which must be addressed.This provides support to the claim that an experiment as described in article [1] to implement and test such consolidations of EM waves from separate sources and provide explanations to the paradoxes involved in this scenario, is an important endeavor.


Electromagnetic Waves, Energy, Energy Conservation Principle, Dark Energy.