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8th International Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering (AME 2022)

March 26~27, 2022, Sydney, Australia

Accepted Papers
Towards Bulk Nanobubble Generation: Development of a Bulk Nanobubble Generator Based on Hydrodynamic Cavitation

Omar El Arwadi1, Abu Samah Zuruzi, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Alfaisal University, New City, Cyprus


Nanobubbles are gaining much interest due to potential applications ranging from waste water treatment to drug delivery. This paper describes development of a prototype device to generate bulk nanobubbles in water. The device works by inducing hydrodynamic cavitation in which macro bubbles formed implode into bulk nanobubbles by local pressure changes in the device. As the water circulates in the device, the local pressure drop below the saturated vapour pressure of the liquid causing cavitation. Preliminary ambient testing of the prototype was carried out. The prototype was fabricated using a photopolymer by 3-D printing.


Nanobubble, Bulk Nanobubble, Nanobubble generator, 3-D printing, additive manufacturing.